Manali – Leh Cycle Tour

The Manali – Leh cycling tour is one of the most scenic, challenging and popular mountain biking routes. You cover 475 km over 10 days going past many high passes – Rohtang (3900m), BaralachaLa (4800m), NakeeLa (4850m), LachungLa (4800m) and TanglangLa (5200m and the world’s second highest motorable road). The route is a mix of […]

Spiti Valley – Kinnaur Cycle Expedition

A 6 or 12 day trip that takes you from Manali, over the Rohtang Pass and into the Lahaul valley along the Chandra river and onward over the Kunzum Pass to reach Spiti and then continuing onwards through the Kinnaur valley. The route is a mix of tarmac and rough un-metalled roads with awe inspiring […]

Zanskar Valley Cycle Expedition

The Zanskar Cycle tour is a 500 Kms – 12 day expedition that will transport you through the awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse topography, and rich cultural tapestry of the Zanskar region. This tour will take you from Manali, over the Rohtang Pass and into the Lahaul valley along the Chandra river and onward over the Shingo […]

Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition (5895m) – Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in the Northern part of Tanzania, in the Kilimanjaro National Park. It covers an area of 100 kilometers long and 65 kilometers wide. The mountain is a dormant volcano which is comprised of three volcanic cones, Shira, Kibo (on which Uhuru summit stands) and Mawenzi. Kibo is classified as dormant but […]

Lenin Peak Expedition (7134m) – Kyrgyzstan

Lenin Peak is the highest summit of the Trans-Alai Range on the frontier of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Once thought to be the highest mountain in what was then the Soviet Union, Lenin Peak was relegated to third place by the discovery in that Stalin Peak (Communism Peak/Ismail Samani Peak) and Victory Peak were higher. The […]

Elbrus Peak Expedition (5642m) – Russia

The Main Caucasian Ridge stretches for 1200 km from the West to the East, from the Black Sea to the Caspian. Its width reaches 180km, and it forms not only a geographical, but also ethnic and political barriers, separating Russia from the Caucasian region and its mosaic of nationalities. Greater Caucasus is traditionally divided into […]

Snow Leopard Tours India – Spiti Valley

Join us on one of the best Snow Leopard tours in India’s Spiti Valley as we look for the elusive Snow Leopard in the crags of Spiti, Lahaul, Ladakh and Zanskar. In these mountains the Grey Ghosts of the Himalayas are both revered and feared, always spoken of in hushed tones. There is something ethereal […]

India Winter Mountaineering Course – Leh

India Winter Mountaineering Course – Conquer the Harshness of Winter Peaks. The India Winter Mountaineering Course is designed for climbers who possess some experience in technical climbing and high-altitude conditions. This intensive 15-day course is specifically tailored to provide participants with the skills and conditioning necessary for winter ascents and preparation for tackling 7000m and […]

Mt-Kun Expedition (7077m) East Ridge

Mt Kun expedition (7077m) is approached via the Shafat glacier in the Zanskar Valley. Kun is the smaller peak in the Nun Kun massif and was first summitted in 1913 by Italian mountaineer Mario Piacenza. The climbing grade for Kun can vary between PD and AD depending on the month and the snow cover. Our […]

Mt Nun Expedition (7127m) – West Ridge

The Nun-Kun massif are the biggest peaks that dominate the Upper Suru valley in the Zanskar. Separated by a short plateau, the two peaks have separate traditional routes. Nun is 7135 m and is higher of the 2 massifs. Our objective is to climb this peak via the West ridge route. I think Nun and […]