CB-13 Expedition (6264m)
Himachal Pradesh - Lahaul Valley
8+ Days
From - ₹235000
One of our Classics CB 13 is a magnificent peak on the Dhaka glacier that is visible from Chandertal. CB...
Deo Tibba Expedition (6001m)
Himachal Pradesh - Manali
8+ Days
From - ₹200000
Set back in the Manali valley, Deo Tibba Expedition is a popular climb among beginner mountaineers with some technical knowledge....
Elbrus Peak Expedition (5642m) - Russia
8+ Days
From - ₹380000
The Main Caucasian Ridge stretches for 1200 km from the West to the East, from the Black Sea to the...
Friendship Peak Expedition (5250m)
Himachal Pradesh - Manali
5-8 Days
From - ₹120000
Friendship Peak Expedition is popular climb among climbers who have introductory mountaineering knowledge. The peak is at the headwall of...
Hanuman Tibba Expedition (5938m)
Himachal Pradesh - Manali
8+ Days
From - ₹200000
For the Hanuman Tibba expedition we travel North of Manali. At 5938m Hanuman Tibba is the highest peak in the...
Indrasan Peak Expedition (6211m)
Himachal Pradesh - Manali
8+ Days
From - ₹320000
Indrasan peak is also known as climber's peak. Indrasan was first climbed by the members of the Kyoto University Alpine...
Kang Yatze Expedition (6400m)
Ladakh - Markha Valley
8+ Days
From - ₹220000
Set above the vast Nimaling pasture, it is a beautiful peak at the head of the Markha Valley; Kang Yatze...
Khuiten Peak Expedition (4374m) - Mongolia
8+ Days
From - ₹410000
At the heart of Mongolia's Altai Tavan Bogd (Five Holy Peaks), Mount Khuiten is one of the least accessible mountains...
Lenin Peak Expedition (7134m) - Kyrgyzstan
8+ Days
From - ₹392000
Lenin Peak is the highest summit of the Trans-Alai Range on the frontier of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Once thought to...
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